Galesville…Aptly Named

GALESVILLE, MD.  N 38° 50.569 , W 076° 50.567

Jackie and I moved aboard Compass Rose, our Dickerson 41 ketch, on Sunday, Oct. 4.  Our house is rented with a two year lease, so there is no turning back.  We are (or should be?) committed.

It’s cold, rainy, and blowing like stink outside here in Galesville.  Technically not really a gale, but it feels like it.  And we expect three more days of it.  Hard to believe just a few days ago I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt.  Now it’s socks all the time and foulies when we go out.

Inside Little Rosie – our pet name for Compass Rose – looks like a bomb went off.  There is stuff everywhere.  We keep trying to find spaces to stow things, but it’s a challenge.  Jackie’s car has turned into a dock box full of stuff we think we need to take with us, but haven’t even tried to stow yet.  Who knows what we really need?  The bigger question is “where will we put it?”

We have to stay until the middle of next week when our life raft arrives – then we are free to go.  Shortly after that we will pull in the dock lines, head out of the West River, and point Little Rosie’s bow south.  We will sail down the Chesapeake and stop in Hampton, VA to pick up some gear that’s being shipped to a friend’s house.  Then it’s on down the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) to Oriental, NC where our crew will join us for the offshore hops to Florida.  We both have relatives in Florida, so we will probably stay there a little while and then hop to the Bahamas and eventually to the Caribbean.

Or so the plan goes….. 😉

20 Responses to “Galesville…Aptly Named”

  1. James Sullivan Says:

    Eric / Jackie – All the best to both of you! I am looking forward to watching this space for your crusing updates!

  2. Haf Jonsson Says:

    Bon Voyage! Thanks for the blog. It will be fun to follow your adventures.


  3. Mom Says:


  4. Dave Lair Says:


    I do hope you found room aboard to include a camera-equipped Thermic 36 to perform advance intel on the waterways ahead of you…


  5. Ned Says:

    Looks like warmer weather next week. Good sailing. Wave as you go by.

  6. joan Says:

    Have a wonderful adventure: great sailing, new places, interesting people, challenge and fun. You’re off to the world of building memories!

    Be safe,

  7. Annette & Peter Says:

    Jackie and Eric,

    Mary Jo kindly forwarded your blog to us… We’re in Deltaville until we finish the install of a SSB and windlass and then we’ll head to The Bahamas too. We’ll be on the lookout for you.

    Safe Cruising!

    Annette & Peter
    S/V TwoLoose (IP-45)

  8. katie Says:

    What an amazing adventure !!! Good luck and God bless.

  9. Larry Wilson Says:

    Jackie and Eric,
    All I can say is Fair Winds. Wish I could follow you on AllAboutMe rather than your blog. But vicariously, wherever you go, there I’ll be!!!
    Columbia 8.7
    S.V AllAboutMe

  10. Elena Says:

    Dear Jackie and Eric:

    Thanks for the blog! Sounds like a dream… I’ll definitely keep close track of your progress. And remember, Jackie — you need to keep up your massage skills!! 🙂

    Best of luck to you and stay in touch.


  11. Dennis L. Says:

    Eric and Jackie,

    Mike sent me the blog. Best of luck to you both. Enjoy the experience and take the time to taste the world.

    Freezing up here in Bellingham, Wa. No more Columbias.. built my own boat.

  12. Jackie's Brother Mike Says:

    Bon Voyage…………….you know what you are going to miss…….is the beautiful snow falls we get that adds a beautiful winter look out in my backyard as I burn 14 face cords of wood in my wood burning stove to keep my house warm…………especially when the temperature drops below zero.

  13. Mike Keers Says:

    Fair winds and smooth seas, and be careful out there amongst The Englishers.

  14. Beth Rikkonen Says:

    Have an awsome trip! May God go with you on this wonderful adventure.

  15. Bump Crew Beth Says:

    I’m so glad we pulled together your Bon Voyage gathering! We will live vicariously through you until we can cast off the lines.

  16. Mark Rikkonen Says:

    Hi Jackie & Eric,
    Fun reading the blog, I wish I was there instead of Mich. The closest thing we get to sailing now is a 20ft duck boat we cruise around Harsens Island. And we have not had much luck, probably one or two ducks per week max.

    Happy sailing, be safe.


  17. Dale Says:

    I’m loving your Blog. I’ve been checking it frequently since I finally found it. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

    Did anyone tell you Pam and Beth hoisted me up the mast of Bump? On coming down, it took me several minutes to recover. Heights and I are on waving terms!

    Tell Jackie hello for me.

    I so want to be you when I “grow up”.

  18. Frank Dziuban Says:

    Well I hope you are having fun. .

  19. Frank Dziuban Says:

    Eric I hope you had a Merry Christmas this year. May God Bless you this coming year.

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