We’re Off!

SOLOMONS ISLAND, MD.  38′ 20.157″ N, 076′ 27.613W”

It seemed like this day would never come.  We slipped the dock lines off the pilings and backed out of the slip.  A short stop at the fuel dock and then we pointed Little Rosie’s bow out of the West River.  It was just after 10.  By 5:30 we were anchored in Solomons Island, MD sipping a celebratory glass of rum.

The day started gray and nearly windless, but when we got to the Bay there was a nice breeze out of the west.  Compass Rose loves to have the wind on the beam and she flew down the Bay.  The sky cleared, the day warmed, and we had a glorious trip.  What a great way to start.


Compass Rose stretches her legs










The Admiral Plans the trip


2 Responses to “We’re Off!”

  1. Susan French Says:

    Hi Jackie and Eric,
    I’m so glad you are underway–how exciting. I’m sure the last minute stuff was maddening, but I hope the next week or so you can start to relax and pat yourselves on the back for getting all that nonsense done and over with! I certainly hope it is “smooth sailing” for you now.
    I will be watching your blog for updates.
    Great photos, love the one of Jackie.

  2. Frank Dziuban Says:

    I hope you are have a good time. I will pray that you have a safe trip. Will be watching to see how you are doing. God Bless the both of you.

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