Calabash Shuffle and Into the Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean Off Savannah, GA

Much has happened since the last update.  We left Southport and motored down the ICW.  We crossed the border into South Carolina and anchored for the night in Calabash Creek.  The first time we put the anchor down it didn’t hold, so we had to try again.  The second time seemed to work.

By the time we went to bed the wind was blowing hard and the current was running against the wind.  Little Rosie did the Calabash Creek Shuffle all night gybeing back and forth with the wind coming over her stern.  I decided to sit in the cockpit for a while and make sure we didn’t drag our anchor and run into shore or another boat.  The crew each took a turn during the night to keep watch, but Little Rosie’s anchor held.

Friday morning was ugly and none of us thought going out into the ocean would be fun, so we decided to motor on.  We motored all day and spent the night in Cowhouse Creek north of Georgetown, SC.  We had the same wind against current, but both were mild and we had a quiet evening.

Saturday morning our weather router gave us a good forecast and off we went.  We motored down the ICW into the Wacamaw River, passed through Georgetown, and entered the ocean early in the afternoon.  The wind was nice and the swells were easy and dolphins came to greet us.  We set sail along the coast. The wind continued until about 4:30 and then we turned on the motor.

We motored well into the night.  We used the autopilot to steer, so no one had to sit behind the wheel.  None of us like motoring, but we were nearing Charleston, SC and we needed to move through the shipping lanes.  We saw a cruise ship come out of Charleston.  It made a BIG green spot on our radar and it was quite massive to look at as it went by even though it was a couple miles away.

The night was clear and the stars shined brightly.  More stars than you can imagine.  About 4:00 AM the wind came up and we have been sailing ever since.

A slim crescent moon and a planet (Venus) rose just as the sky was lightening in the east.  The sun came up bright and warm. 

Sunrise on the Atlantic







The crew started peeling off the layers of warm clothes.  Little Rosie is easing along at about 5 knots in front of a gentle swell.  We now have the mizzen staysail up – that’s a total of four sails flying as we gently roll along.

This is the kind of sailing we came for.

It's not just the sunshine that makes them smile - check the next post!


Next stop? North Florida?

2 Responses to “Calabash Shuffle and Into the Ocean”

  1. nana and pappa Says:

    An Irish Blessing May the sun shine all day long, Everything go right and nothing go wrong. May those you love bring back to you, And may all the wishes you wish come true.

  2. nana and pappa Says:

    Our last Irish Blessing May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face May the rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

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