Bahamas Bound

Miami, Wed Dec. 9

Just a quick update.  We had planned on leaving earlier this week, but our buddy boat had equipment problems and we waited with them for parts to come in.  The good news is that the weather forecast is much better now in that we should have favorable winds for sailing instead of having to motor much of the way.

We have moved to an anchorage closer to the Miami inlet so we don’t have to go so far to get to the ocean in the morning.  We will cross the gulfstream, probably go just north of Bimini, and arrive in Nassau Friday afternoon.  The whole trip should take about 30 hours.

One big impact is that we will lose cell phone service, so we will turn our phones off Thursday morning.  Hopefully our next update will be from Nassau!

4 Responses to “Bahamas Bound”

  1. PLOVER Says:

    Bon Voyage! Christmas in the Bahamas sounds great! Hope that you have a safe passage with fair winds and following seas. Keep up the updates coming — we enjoy reading about your adventures.

    Chris & Bill

  2. Pam Morris Says:

    Wishing you a safe passage to Nassau! Sounds like you have a good weather window. Are you going across the Banks? or though the Berrie Islands? I couldn’t quite make it out – Guess, I’ll have to wait for your next update! We’ve been following you so please keep writing!

    In Nassau enjoy the conch salad under the bridge – don’t be afraid to try it. Nice snorkling at Rose Island and great aquarium at Atlantis.

    Terry and Bob are leaving Sunday. We’ll see them at the parade of lights and Beth’s party afterwards. They will get cold as it will be below freezing.

    Merry Christmas! Pam

  3. Ellen Harris Says:

    I thought of you, Jackie, last Sunday at St Paul’s, it was Lessons and Carols, and it was cold…. and you are not… but I hope you have a great trip.

    We spent 12 winters in Florida. BTW, if you want to draw manatees, just run fresh water into the drink… they can smell it and come to drink it from miles around.

  4. Terry and Bob Says:

    Congratulations – you’ve made it! We finally left Shady Side but of course, our little nightmare continues. We’re currenlty in Deltaville, VA with a funky fuel intake (the motor keeps crapping out at inoportune times with an air lock) and the diesel heater isn’t working properly. And, unlike Nassau, it’s bitchin cold here with more to come. Soooooo … say a small prayer that we actually make it to Miami by the time you’re heading back.

    Hopefully we’ll be more optimistic next post! Keep the champagne cold – it’s just going to be an older vintage by the time we see you… xoxoxo

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