Sewing, Sailing, and Song


It’s been five weeks, but we finally got off the dock and back out at anchor – commonly known as being “on the hook.”  Didn’t last long – we dragged the next day.  We were near an area where other people had dragged in the past so now we are on a mooring.


It’s done.  It took most of five weeks of sewing, but we have a new dodger, bimini, and side screens.  We also repaired the sun cover on the big jib and did some other patching.

Unseamly activities - Jacke the Ripper removes stitches

Of course now the sail covers and genoa sun covers don’t match the new canvas.

Dodger and Bimini with screens up

Bimini and Dodger - Screens down


We spent a day at Grand Anse Beach watching the Grenadian Work Boat Races.  This is the second half of the Grenada Sailing Festival. These are small boats with way too much sail.  It’s not uncommon for the boats to capsize.

Races start with the boats in the water and one person from each boat on shore.  At the signal, the crew runs to the boat, jumps in, and they are off.

Running start

The racing is scenic

The racing is competitive

Not everyone starts....


...not everyone finishes


Whisper Cove is a French owned marina.  They have the typical boater style bar and restaurant, but they also have a good butcher shop and they bake bread daily.  They recently put on a sunday brunch buffet and brought in Cecil Bartholomew, a local classical guitar player. 

Good music

Insanely good food


More music.  Doc Adams and his band played at Jenny’s Place on Grand Anse Beach.  We made our way down there, walked the beach a little and then caught the show.

Dancing to Doc Adams


We never thought we would be here for this, but…..

Our friends Jeff and Connie talked about entering their Swan 47, Roxie, in this “fun race” so I offered to crew.  They entered and I crewed along with their friends Lorna and Andy.  There were two races on Saturday and one on Sunday.  It was typical Grenadian racing.  It blew over 20 knots and the swell and wind chop were substantial.  We were busy and bouncy enough that I didn’t take any pictures.  The second day two of the race marks blew away.  A tender set up as one mark, but the other was well off the coast, so everyone went out until they decided the mark was missing and then tacked in.  We got third in class for that race.

The rockin' Roxie crew (i-r) Andy, Connie, Jeffrey, Lorna, Eric


Little Rosie shares the dock with two Perini Navis

Mt. Hartman Bay cruisers have dinner at Secret Harbour

An osprey - like having a bit of the Chesapeake in the Caribbean

Pouring rain? So what? There are fish to catch.

NEXT: They said it would never happen…..

One Response to “Sewing, Sailing, and Song”

  1. colleen Says:

    Jackie, i can’t believe i missed you again! I am so bummed! My life continues to be hectic and not nearly as fun as yours! I talked with Gail and Joe Casaday and they are both retired and still in Miami–forgot to ask if they still have a boat, but suspect they do since he is a Coastie. If you get up that way, they’d love to see you!

    Please don’t give up on calling….is there a way/day that I can call you?

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