On The Move

(posted from Basseterre, St. Kitts)


We were sitting in Bequia thinking about our next move.  We have some friends who have gone south to Tobago and enjoyed it so we discussed heading there.  It finally came down to the weather.  The wind direction was not favorable to go south, so we headed north to St. Lucia.

We had a great sail up and checked in in Marigot Bay.  The next day we headed up to Rodney Bay.  We hung out there for a while and visited with old friends who we hadn’t seen in months.  A few days later we went back down to Marigot Bay.  We considered dropping down to the south end of the island to visit the Pitons, to very tall, pointy mountains.


While in St. Lucia we decided to stop renting our house and sell it.  We had good renters, but decided we should stop being landlords while things were going well.

We plan to buy a less expensive home in a less expensive area.  We have focused on New Bern and Oriental, NC.  We thought it would be
good to spend some extensive time there before we make a purchase decision, but that’s not compatible with getting a lot of boat work
done this summer and fall.  The obvious solution is to move the boat to North Carolina.

We have blasted up the islands and are in St Kitts.  We head for St John tomorrow.  We are waiting for a final confirmation, but we expect
my brother to fly down to St Thomas around June 10.  Jackie will fly to the states and my brother and I will sail Compass Rose to North Carolina.

We will try to do an update before we leave the Virgin Islands

We will return to the Caribbean this fall.

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