Catching Up/Moving On

(posted from Honeymoon Bay, St. Thomas, USVI)

Our last post was a bit hurried, so here’s a little catching up.

St. Lucia

We bounced around St. Lucia quite a bit, but the two great expeditions took place when we were anchored in Rodney Bay.  The first was a visit to Pigeon Island where we hiked up to Fort Rodney.  As on most islands, the fort guarded the bay.  Pigeon Island is no longer an island.  The reef between it and the mainland was covered and a couple hotels were built on the land.

View of Fort Rodney from the lookout station on Signal Hill

Rodney Bay

The other expedition was a hike across to the windward side of the island to a small beach, with the obligitory beach bar.  We got there late on a Sunday morning.  Right next to one of the buildings is part of a booster rocket that washed ashore. 

Beach bar. Booster rocket is in front of building on left.

Secluded beach

Inside we found a fellow tuning up his guitar.  We didn’t know it at the time, but he as getting ready to play for a group of tourists who were about to arrive on horseback.  So what does this local bard lead off with?  Frank Sinatra, New York, New York

Old Blue Eyes, Lucian style.

Lucian cowboy. One of the guides for the tourists on horseback.


May 26, we leave St. Lucia and sail to St. Pierre, Martinique.


May 27, we sail Prince Rupert Bay, Portsmouth, Dominica.


May 28, we sail through the middle of the Saints and anchor in Anse a La Barque, Guadeloupe.  The next day we take it easy and sail to the Jacques Cousteau water park where we do some snorkeling before sailing to Deshais.

St. Kitts

May 29, 11:20 pm we leave Guadeloupe for the long haul to St. Kitts.  We arrive late the next afternoon.  We originaly planned to stop at Nevis, but we made good time and pushed on to Basseterre, St. Kitts.  This is where Jackie and I honeymooned seven years ago and it was the first time we went back.  We needed to take a break so we took a slip in the marina.

Basseterre Harbor, St. Kitts.


Sorting out freshly caught bait fish

We took an island tour the next day led by a local woman named Buleah.  What energy and knowledge of the island.

Buleah points out where the next big housing development will be.

St. Thomas, USVI

June 1, we left St. Kitts.  Twenty four hours later, after a lot of engine running, we arrived at Christmas Cove, Great St. James Island, St. Thomas, USVI.

We weren’t there very long when a dinghy pulled up alongside.  It was the crew of Singing Frog.  We hadn’t seen them in many months.

The Froggies (l to r) Austin, Aiden, Aaron, and Carla (Sky was hiding)

After a couple days we moved to Charlotte Amalie and anchored there overnight.  The next day we moved to Crown Bay Marina.  The weather was going to get ugly and we needed to do laundry, provision, and fuel up.

Aaron loves Jackie's chocolate cake.

After a couple days there we moved to Honeymoon Bay.  Singing Frog stayed with us.  They will depart for Florida about the same time we will head for NC.

Next: USA

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