Summer Vacation

Remember when you came back to school in September and you had to write an essay on what you did on your summer vacation?
Well, we have been spending the summer fixing the leaks in the aft cabin.  The aft cabin is made of plywood and it seems that Dickerson left the edge of the plywood exposed on all the 41s.  Water seeps into the plywood and it rots.  When enough wood rots away you get leaks.  We finally decided it was time to address the problem.
The project started with an archeological excavation to unearth the rot.

The water soaked into the plywood on the side of the house

You can see through more than the window.

You have to cut out the rotten wood and replace it with good wood.

Cabin front and side are cut away
 Once you have cut away the rot, you can fit new pieces of wood.

Front of aft house fitted in place

 Cutting the new panels and getting them to fit is a long, slow process.

Test fitting the repair

Making sure the interior trim fits, too

While I’m cutting wood and fitting it in place, Jackie (or should I call her “Sandy” or “Dusty” sands the cockpit wood so it will be ready to  finish.

Jackie strives to achieve a Zen meditation state as she sands the huge amount of wood on the boat.

The pieces on the right are ones that Jackie has sanded


Sanded cockpit combing

  Finally after much measuring, cutting, planing, and sanding, the panels are ready to install.  Mix epoxy and coat the wood then thicken epoxy and put it on the edges, then put the panels in place, screw them down, and add epoxy to make sure all the joints are sealed.

No turning back, the panels are screwed and glued

Now we just have to sand it all smooth, fill the gaps with epoxy, cover with fiberglass, sand some more, and paint.

Next:  We get to do the other side.

2 Responses to “Summer Vacation”

  1. Mom Says:

    Guess you will be glad when Summer vacation is over and you can go back to school.

  2. Bruce Franz Says:

    I’m glad I was there to see the project. Now, it’s my turn chase the rot.
    Bruce “Hemisphere Dancer” D-41 #19

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