(I’m a little behind on updates, but I should have another one up soon.)
So we took a little trip to Virginia to get our house ready to put on the market.   Lots of fun cleaning up the yard, fixing odds and ends of things around the house, painting, and all that type of stuff. 
We did take a little time off to play tourist. 

Driving over the Potomac into downtown Washington, DC

We found parking on the mall in DC.

Mingling with the tourists on the Mall

We visited the National Gallery of Art where you have to try to take artsy tourist pictures.

Right-click on the picture and open in a new window to get the full effect

 It actually worked out a lot better when we had someone take our picture.

You can always get someone to take your picture

We returned to Oriental and got back into boat work.  It was time to cut out the rot in the starboard side of the aft cabin.

All the rotton wood is cut away.

The new cabin side is fitted into place.

Sweatin’ to the Moldies
I had to crawl into the cockpit locker to unscrew part of the cockpit combing.  The locker is just big enough for me to get into.  Once inside I assumed the fetal position.  I was assisted in the maneuver by looking up at the underside of the deck and seeing more rot.  
I didn’t want to disturb the fiberglass layer at the deck surface, so I had to very carefully cut away the wood from the underside.  Then I had to cut new pieces to fit and screw and glue them in place. 
The cockpit locker is a warm place with no air circulation, so I was drenched in sweat.  What fun.

Remains of the underside of the deck

 The Secret Life of Birds

Hey Fred, come over here. I hear Jackie and Eric's house is going up for sale.

Wow, looks like a nice place, but I hope that woodpecker doesn't live near by. They are so noisy!

Bluejays! There goes the neighborhood!

Silly birds. Little do they know that I was here ahead of them.

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  1. Joan Says:

    I can tell you’re having fun. Luv the lizard.

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