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On the Road Again

October 2, 2011

Old Business

Here are a couple pictures of the marina during Irene and again after the storm.   But first a shot from the marina looking out toward the Neuse River, which is just beyond the clump of trees in the center of the picture.  That’s where the storm surge came from.

Looking down the creek at the Neuse River

 The next picture shows the canal.  In the left picture the boardwalk goes between the gray building and the sailboat in the center of the picture with the dark blue sail cover.  Compass Rose is directly ahead of that boat.

The Canal during and after Irene

The next picture shows the docks in the creek.

Boat slips during and after Irene

Road Trip

We barely got settled after Irene passed through before it was time to hit the road again. Six states in three weeks, including stopping in both Ohio and Virginia going and coming. The impetus was a gathering of my family (Eric) near Cleveland and a doctor’s appointment for Jackie, but once we had gone that far we might as well hop over to Detroit to visit Jackie’s family and we needed to stop at our house in Virginia to check on it and mow the lawn.

What are these strange devices?


 When we visited my family (Eric) we had a birthday party for my sister Katie and our nephew Reid.  Unbeknownst to us, the family also celebrated Jackie and my birthdays, since we were out of the country when they actually occurred.  Our neice, Sarah, made individual cakes, so we had lots to eat.

(l to r) my sister Katie, niece Sarah, Jackie and me

Nephew Reid got lots of presents.   He also got a lot of help playing with them.

Some of us never grow up (Eric, nephew Reid, brother Dave)

Reid supplies siren sound effects

 The other big event was a get together of the clan in the Cleveland area. 

Lots of relatives

We eventually headed back to the Washington, DC area where we attended the Dickerson boat owners Western Shore Roundup.  Jackie and I were guests of Dave and Siobhane on their Dickerson 41, Down Home.  It’s always good to see the Dickerson sailors and it was fun to be back in Galesville again after being gone for nearly two years.

The big event on Saturday was a race.  As we headed out we found a stowaway on board.

Fifth crew member

We don’t have a committee boat for this race, so we use a rabbit start.  Our crew and the rabbit had a bit different ideas about where we would start, so we were a little late and had to play catch-up for the whole race.  

There were a couple interesting boats in attendance.  One was a Dickerson 40 ketch, which was a regular production model.  The other was the only Dickerson 39 ever made.

Dickerson 37 ketch and the only Dickerson 39

Down Home crew. (l to r) Jackie, Siobhane, Dave. Eric in back.

We made it back to Oriental.  I moved aboard Compass Rose and Jackie returned to Virginia so she would have some space to do some sewing and be able to move some of the last odds and ends out of the house.  We were treated to a long, rainy spell and then a big drop in temperatures.  Luckily I was able to get some interior finish work done.  As you can see, it looks better than when I started the project.

The aft cabin during and after repairs

Next:  Counting down to shoving off.