Jackie flew in yesterday. It’s truly paradise now.

2 Responses to “Paradise”

  1. Mom Says:

    Master piece comment!!!

  2. Mark Rikkonen Says:

    Hi Eric and Jackie,
    Thank you for the most exiting adventure of my life sailing the Atlantic from NC to VI.
    I’d do it again once my sore butt, shoulders, arms and hands get some new skin.

    Thank you Jackie for the great food you set up for us the first 3 nights and then all the snacks.

    Expert sailing and mechanics by Eric. Some exciting stuff with the autopilot going out from the start and other stuff going on. And by now the boat is like new.

    Then Eric did the most amazing stuff grilling dinners despite the wind and wave action. Salads for the starters and all that. Not sure saying more without getting Eric in trouble……..

    Thank you Dave for the expert sailing, making the special meals etc. (Now your wives know……) It was great sailing with you.

    For the sailing, the way I figured, two extremely experienced and calm sailors on the same kinda boat, all I need to do is steer the boat. With the potential bad storm from Chris’ reports, just calm planning how we change the rotations with two in the cockpit strapped in, how to set up the food and all was pretty cool and professional.
    The only real concern I ever had at night was what if the winds or swells really changed, I’d hate to wake you guys up to adjust the sails for me……

    Also found out my personal diving record 36ft after dropping my mask and snorkel at the Baths, Virgin Gorda.

    It was just an awesome trip.
    Thanks again!!!!

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