St. John – the Lost Photos

The last blog entry was pretty recent, so make sure you didn’t miss it.  It ended with “Next: St. Martin”.  Well, we found some pictures from Francis Bay, St. John that we really wanted to post, so you will have to wait for the St. Martin installment.

We took one last walk around the salt marsh before we left.  When we got there in December, the marsh was completely full with water all the way into the mangroves.  Winter is the dry season and the marsh is quickly turning into a mud flat.

Sea of mud - you can see all the little footprints from the wading birds

This yellowlegs must be a juvenile - running around in the mud with no boots on

We got a good look at some little crabs.  Usually the hide in their holes when we approach, but that day they all stayed out.

This crab is really much smaller than he looks in the picture

Even the crabs found the mud to be a challenge

We saw other cool things on the walk, like a humming bird that posed for us.

A hummingbird poses for us

We often see termite tunnels that cross the path, but that morning we came across one that didn’t have the roof on it yet, so we could see the termites working on it.

Termites working on their tunnel. You can see the walls on each side

The boardwalk was extended since the last time we visited.  Some locals took cut offs from the boards and made this design – looks a lot like a compass rose.

Jackie and Richard check out the compass rose

We finally started the journey.  Our first stop was West End, Tortola – better known as Sopers Hole. Since we were just staying overnight, we were able to check in and out of the British Virgin Islands in one stop.  While there we picked up some provisions and fuel.

We then started out for Virgin Gorda, but decided it was too late to get there before dark, so we divirted to Marina Cay.   After spending so much time in murkey Charlotte Amalie, anywhere we could swim was a delight and the water in Marina Cay is very inviting after a hot day motoring.  Richard and I really appreciated that skinny guys can float in salt water.

It’s nice not to sink like a rock

We even try a little water ballet.

Check out the ballet legs

Next: St Martin – really!

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