Summer Vacation 2

posted from Washington, DC

So what have we been doing this summer?

Building a House

We have been building a house near Wilmington, NC.  It has taken a lot of energy, but it is well underway now.

Front of house

Back of house

And to answer the question we always get – the boat stays in the Caribbean.

You don’t have to be in the Caribbean to go sailing.  We visited our friends, Bob and Terry, in DC quite a bit this summer while our house was being built.  The most recent visit coincided with the Annapolis Sailboat Show and the Good Old Boat Regatta.  We sailed in the regatta every year when we had a boat on the Bay, so it was great to do it again this year on their boat, China Rose.  We didn’t exactly win, but we had a great sail.

China Rose beating to windward in the Good Old Boat Regatta


The China Rose crew (l to r) Karen, Bob, Jeff, Terry, and Jackie

We also had a chance to sail with them a couple more times while we were in town.

Thanks to the government shutdown our other friend, Bob, had plenty of time to go sailing.  So I got a chance to see his newly acquired Saga 43, Phaeton, and go for a sail.  Not a lot of wind, but still a nice day on the water.

Phaeton in her slip


We took a few days and went to Cape May, NJ for some bird watching.  This is fall migration and the birds heading south get funneled down the east coast and stop at Cape May to rest before flying across the Delaware Bay.  Here are a few birds we saw.

Black-throated blue warbler

Black-throated blue warbler

Downey woodpecker

Downey woodpecker


Unidentified Raptor

Unidentified Raptor


Pair of ducks

Pair of ducks








Yes, there is such a thing as a yellow-bellied sap sucker

Yes, there is such a thing as a yellow-bellied sap sucker

Shots just for fun

Spider in web




I wanted to add a little more but we are out of time. The next adventure starts today

Stay tuned……

One Response to “Summer Vacation 2”

  1. Jim Beaudry Says:

    Hey, I was thinking of you guys as I wandered the boat show this year, wish I could have met up with you! Was checking the price on the Honda 2000! Must have brought up the GOB race 15 times, too bad the current boat doesn’t qualify. Remember we are here in the southern bay, since the mother in law has moved in I may not have a room for you, but I do have a Hunter 35.5 with an aft berth I think you would fit in!! I seem to remember it was 84″ deep on that special mattress I had made for the aft cabin, should be workable for two tall people!(sleeps better than my bed at home!) We have the Hampton Holly Days Parade on Dec 7th and of course the annual New Years Day race. We would love to have you guys visit! Whenever you pass through remember I have a free berth if you want to stop by.

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