About Us

Compass Rose is a Dickerson 41 ketch. We are her owners, Jackie and Eric. We often refer to her as Little Rosie.

We rented the house and put what little furniture we didn’t sell into storage. Join us as Little Rosie takes us to adventures in warmer climes.

Do you think this surprised anyone who was at our wedding? Here we are cutting our cake.

Probably the only Thomas Point Lighthouse wedding cake ever made

9 Responses to “About Us”

  1. D Says:

    We love the photo you have of “little Rosie”. we look forward to having you visit in Oriental, NC soon.

    D & Don

  2. Bruce Says:

    Eric and Jackie – Hope you guys have a fantabulous time! Looking forward to reading each episode in this serial adventure. See you guys… whenever!


  3. Doug & Ginny Ward Says:

    This is great news you two ! Best of times on your new adventure. We are a few months behind you in casting off our lines too. We will be following you here for now.
    Doug & Ginny / Compadre

  4. Kathleen & Roland Says:

    Great website! Glad you are enjoying, as we did/do. We’re in Bequia headed north slowly. Let’s make sure we keep in touch. Hey, our home in Fort Pierce is available to you if you need a vacation down the east coast. Just let us know and we’ll tell you how to find the house and the key! LOL P.S. Not sure we have your latest email address, please email same. Thanks, our love to both!

  5. Kathleen and Roland Says:

    So glad to see you are enjoying your trip. We loved reading your exploits and seeing the pics. We sent you a separate email. Let’s make sure our paths cross as we head north and you continue south. Keep on keepin’ on! Our love, Kathleen and Roland O’Brien

  6. Persephone Says:

    Thanks for the comment, and great to hear from you both. We are in Puerto Rico for the next couple of weeks, and then will begin the trek south. Hope to catch up with Rosie soon….if not, will see you in Grenada.

    And yes, we have Jackie’s hat aboard!! “Special Delivery” !!

    Be safe….David and Trudie

  7. colleen Says:

    Hey guys! Glad to see things have smoothed out a bit! happy Thanksgiving and merry Christmas too! Can I have your email address??

    Wish we were cruising too!
    colleen in G’ville

  8. colleen Says:

    2/11/11 Jackie, i am SO bummed that I missed your call!! If there is a way to respond or contact you, let me know!! I tried the number on the phone, but no luck–I figure it is a phone card! Looks like you’re having a great time!!!
    Colleen in Gainesville

  9. Joseph Muller Says:

    Eric: Crikey! Been a while since Stoney Creek in Galesville. Too long on the hard, but I’m still kicking in the latest iteration. I hope all is well – certainly looks rather enviable, as I reckon you’ve sussed things out. Take care, and best wishes, Joe

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