Links to Friends’ Cruising Sites

Some we knew before we left, others we met along the way:

Mark and Michelle Somewhere East of the Equator on Reach

Jim and Anne who sailed here from England on Impressionist

Mark and Chris on Silhouette

Our friends in Oriental, Don and D on the Dickerson 41, Southern Cross.

They give a whole different meaning to the phrase: “they’ve been around for a while.” Wings.

Alternative Cruising

Passage making crew and non-traditional land cruiser: Adventures of A Unicycling Sailing Whitewater Boater

No Longer Cruising

Roland and Kathleen on M’Lady Kathleen

Sky, Carla, Austin Aiden, and Aaron on Singing Frog

John and Ann who sailed here from England on Moonlight

Okay, so it’s not really a cruiser blog, but Oriental, NC is one of the spots most traveled by cruisers in the US – many never leave. Town Dock .net

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